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On Academics and Intelligence

On Academics and Intelligence  My Hypothesis      In simplest terms, I've come to realize that incredible academics does not require incredible intelligence. Many of you will immediately say "Why, that's preposterous!" but hear me out on this. We can all agree that today's IQ tests are not of definitive means to measure intelligence. However I'm willing to claim that a GPA as a measurement of intellect is just as unreliable, if not, far more unreliable than that of an IQ test. What I do think GPA's reflect is pure dedication and attitude.

    What I've gathered from my own experiences has lead me to the conclusion that with intellect comes cognition, but with academics comes repetition. You may think of this as a contrast between "book smart" and "street smart" or as I like to call it, "common sense vs. the rest". Experiences     Firstly, you must understand that these accusations are not coming from me out of jealousy t…

On Ignorance and Aggression

On Ignorance and Aggression  The concept      I'm sure we can all think of a time where someone was behaving with a hostile mind set. Not always, but most of the time, the individual is missing a piece of essential information that would make him/her reconsider their actions. For example, a man -let's call him Steve- beats up his friend -let's call him Bill- because Steve was told that Bill made a move on his girlfriend. However in reality it's was Steves girlfriend, that kissed Bill.

    Aggression can not always be be defined as a physical conflict. To elaborate, when two or more people disagree, the one who debates with argument, instead of discussion, is the one who demonstrates aggressive behavior.

    Most notably, aggressive behavior occurs when ones emotional state of mind, overwhelms ones logical thinking. Emotional thinking results in an incomplete assessment(s) and therefore an ill thought opinion or bias is put in place. In many cases, the aggressive behav…